It’s Been Awhile

I apologize for not blogging for the past couple of weeks. We were right in the middle of some insightful interviews with successful authors.

That’s going to continue, but I’ve launched a collection of short stories from my Ruxton Springs cycle, and it’s been occupying my time so for the time being let’s take a break. BTW: Ruxton Springs: Dark Tales of the West is on Amazon for Kindle and Apple Books.

We’ll pick it up again in January when I talk to Bram Stoker Award-winning author Robert Ford. If you’ve been struggling with too much sleep, I recommend his book, “Burner.” This book is guaranteed to keep you up all night with frights and a desire to turn the page. Mr. Ford scares in ways only King and Lovecraft can relate to. As a primer, check out his website, Coroner’s Report.

We’ll also talk to Bob McGuill, assistant editor at Narrative Magazine, multiple award-winning literary author of short fiction published in an enviable list of publications. We’ll chat about writing, working as a writer including ad writing and his best rejection stories. You can check out his works here.

Also, in January, I’ll be hosting another season of the Six-word Story Contests on the Canary Cliff, LLC Facebook page. More on that when we get closer.

If you haven’t read my interviews with authors, Tony Peak or Gene O’Neill, click on their names to go to those pages. Get the real scoop on being a working fiction writer.

And I’d like to point everyone in the direction of Sebastian over at Relato Corto. Sebastian is a cross-genre writer of short fiction (currently working on his first novel), and he’s got quite the playground of exciting stories and a solid following of fans. 

Until January, read a good book this holiday season. Happy Holidays!

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I'm a working writer. For the past 40-years, I've made my living putting words on paper. Mainly as a screenwriter and primarily for T.V. commercials and corporate videos. I was the head writer on a defunct T.V. series on the now-defunct PAX network. Producers have paid me to write a few screenplays, although none produced. I've written press releases and essays for newspapers, ad copy, business content, short stories, and poems. Publishers in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. have run my work, and to my amazement—people read my words.

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