A Conversation with Science Fiction Author Tony Peak

This week the Bite-sized Fiction Blog is talking to science fiction author Tony Peak from his home near the New River in southwest Virginia. Peak is the author of twenty short works of fiction, a novella, Beethoven’s Tenth, and eight published novels including the Audible Original, Signal, and the Eden Trilogy released this past summer by Aethon Books andContinue reading “A Conversation with Science Fiction Author Tony Peak”

The Cure for Writer’s Block

Writer’s block. Some writers say it’s a myth. I disagree. Of course, I also write advertising copy and video scripts. When you’re up against a deadline, and you’re tasked with 85-words about that new Ford F-150 truck or telling audiences why a gift card from the local spa makes a great gift, the fear gripsContinue reading “The Cure for Writer’s Block”

Journeys Over Tea: The Case for Short Fiction

Short fiction is the perfect way to start writing and reading. You can travel to another planet, explore the West, fall in love, and defeat an army of zombies during your lunch break or a sleepy afternoon. Nothing motivates like a sense of accomplishment. Lose five pounds, and it’s easier to lose the next five.Continue reading “Journeys Over Tea: The Case for Short Fiction”

The Creative Method

Delivering new content – whether you’re a writer, artist, or musician – depends on a rich creative mind. In 1939, James Webb Young, VP at J. Walter Thompson developed a process for creativity and published it in his book, “A Technique for Producing Ideas,” still used by advertising professionals today.  Born in 1886, Young leftContinue reading “The Creative Method”